JELIA 2010
12th European Conference on Logics in Artificial Intelligence

September 13-15, 2010         Helsinki, Finland

Local Information

We have prepared an interactive Google map for JELIA 2010 (click to open a larger, full version), pinpointing main venues, including the conference venue, conference banquet and excursion, near-by lunch options, tourist attractions, shopping centers, etc.

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Overviews and Detailed Information

For overviews of Finland and Helsinki and vast resources of helpful local information, possibly not found on this page, please see the entries on Helsinki in Wikitravel and Wikipedia, the Official Tourism website of the city of Helsinki, and the Wikipedia entry on Finland.


A visa is required for citizens of some countries; check the requirements here.

Airport transfer

Helsinki-Vantaa airport is located about 25 km north of the city centre.

Bus no. 615: Single fare from the airport ("lentoasema") is 4.00 EUR, tickets are available on the bus. The journey time according to the schedule is 35-45 minutes (depending on the possible letters after 615) to the main railway station ("Rautatientori"). This is the last stop, so you do not have to worry about when to leave the bus. From the railway station it is about 0.5 km to the University and many hotels. The bus ticket is valid for transfers within 80 minutes, so you can continue by tram to the university/hotels if you prefer not to walk.

Finnair bus: Single fare is 5.90 EUR, tickets are available on the bus. Journey time is 35 minutes and the bus goes to the main Railway station (similarly as bus no. 615, but on the other side of the station). However, please notice that the ticket is not valid on any other means (trams, other buses, etc.).

Airport taxi: The airport taxis (yellow minivans) have a flat rate (1-2 persons is 27 EUR, 3-4 persons 35 EUR, 5-6 persons 50 EUR) and leave from the airport when the minivan has enough passengers. You can also book (at least 24 h in advance) an airport taxi to take you from your accommodation to the airport. For details, see the Airport Taxi website or consult your hotel.

A "normal" taxi (yellow taxi sign on the roof) to the centre of the city/university from the airport should be about 45 EUR. All taxis have a meter and charge the same rate, and they accept major credit cards. Finnish taxis are heavily regulated by the government, so they are comfortable, safe - and expensive. For more details on booking a taxi and rates, please consult the conference booklet.

Helsinki City Transport

Helsinki City Transport will take you around in Helsinki. (But note that the conference venues are within walking distance from most of the hotels.) A single fare on any means (bus, tram, metro, ferry) is 2.50 euros and valid for one hour. You buy the ticket from the bus or tram driver, or beforehand from a kiosk or a ticket machine (and save 0.50-0.70 EUR).

Use the very helpful Journey Planner to find your way with the city transport.

Weather in Helsinki

Good to Know

  • Tap water in Helsinki is very clean and of excellent quality. In fact, several studies have shown that the tap water in Helsinki is of much better quality than bottled waters.
  • With very few exceptions, credit and debit cards are accepted in most shops, cafes and restaurants.
  • ATM machines (which accept all major credit cards, Visa Electron etc.) can be recognized from an orange ``Otto'' sign (``Otto'' meaning withdrawal in Finnish). You need to use the blue card slot, if you have an international (EMV) standard chip card. With other types of cards, use the card slot marked with yellow. The smallest amount one can withdraw using an ATM is 20 euros. Closest ATM to the conference venue is at Aleksanterinkatu 36 (Nordea bank around the corner of the UH Main building)
  • One and two cent euro coins are not used in Finland. Thus, the sum of one's purchases is rounded to the nearest five cents when paying with cash (however, no rounding when paying with a card).
  • Typically shops are open until 21:00 (or 18:00) on weekdays, small grocery stores can be open later (closing around 22:00 or 23:00). On weekends, stores can be open until 18:00 and can only open at noon on Sundays (with the exception of small shops which can stay open longer).
  • In Helsinki city center, grocery stores can be found in department stores (Stockmann, Sokos), shopping centers (Forum, Kamppi) or underground at the central railway station (Asematunneli). In other parts of Helsinki, look for signs saying ``Alepa'', ``Siwa'' or ``K-market'' which are the most common chains around.
  • No alcohol is sold in stores between 21:00 and 9:00. Grocery stores sell beer and other mild alcohol beverages. Wine and strong liquor can only be bought from state owned Alko stores (open until 20:00 on weekdays, until 18:00 on Saturdays and closed on Sundays).